windows 搭建NFS服务器

Win7除了旗舰版和企业版其他版本没有NFS客户端,windows2000,windowsXP,windows2003有个sfu(windows services for unix)工具貌似比较强大,由于一直用win7而且这个软件不支持win7所以不做描述。win7自带客户端的详细使用方法在这里。公司里的电脑用的专业版,只能用windows作为服务端了,用这个软件就能满足我的要求,结尾有下载地址


在客户端使用PHP的时候要注意,任何php文件函数写入的字节数最大在2700和2800之间,超过这个数值根本不会写入任何文件,追踪这个错误花了我一些时间,我客户端是centos6.2 php5.3.3,试遍了所有办法都不行,先写入一些字节关闭文件指针,然后fopen()使用a模式写入都不行。我的挂载方式是这样的:

mount -o soft,timeo=1,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 /work2/xiep/wwwroot/


The following options are supported:
-name:<sharename>          assigns a name to the exported path as an alternate name for mounting.
-alldirs                   allows the host(s) to mount at any point within the filesystem.
-umask:<mask>              set the umask for group and world permissions on the filesystem, default 022
-readonly                  limits access to reading
-public                    Enables WebNFS access.
-lowercase                 maps all file names to lowercase, otherwise case is preserved.
-mapall:<uid>[:<gid>]      all Unix user-ids and group-ids are mapped to the specified user-id and group-id.
-maproot:<uid>[:<gid>]     the Unix super user root is mapped to the specified user-id, group-id. Without a mapping entry root will be mapped to user and group nobody.
-range                     IP adresses are interpreted in pairs as from-to ranges enabling client access from all addresses in a range (more flexible than the unix -net -mask options).

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